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Wolf Educational Consulting was founded in 2016 in Cary, North Carolina by Barbara Wolf.


Barbara Wolf has over 20 years of experience in a diverse set of educational roles.  She consults teachers and parents on positive reinforcement to reach academic success in the classroom and at home.  In her 10 years as a consultant for the Department of Education in Florida she traveled throughout the state training principals and teachers in the areas of differentiated instruction, test taking skills, language arts and assessment.


In addition to training, she wrote technical assistance papers that were used to meet compliance with federal and state laws.  She has experience in leading IEP and 504 meetings ensuring parents, students and teachers are in agreement about obtainable educational goals. Barbara specializes in the areas of accommodations and modifications for those who have unique learning needs.


She has taught children with mild to severe learning disabilities, emotional disorders, autism, mild to moderate mental impairments, traumatic brain injury and profoundly mentally and physically impairments.  After relocating to Apex in 2012, she served as a Reading Intervention Specialist in the public school system gaining experience in the service delivery models, curriculum and assessment practices in Wake County.


Barbara graduated from Florida State University in 1997 with a M.S. in Emotional Disturbances/Learning Disabilities.  She has presented at the Alternate Assessment Institute, CARD Conference (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities), and multiple Leadership Conferences.  Her belief is helping children discover effective learning strategies and communicating them to all of the key support people in the child’s education process will help the child meet their highest potential.