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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning Skills


This training provides the parent the opportunity to step back while the consultant provides skills training and assumes a supervisory role allowing the parent-child relationship to become more rewarding.


Executive Skills allow students to do the following:


  • Plan their time
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Organize assignments
  • Manage materials
  • Complete homework
  • Turn in assignments
  • Break down tasks
  • Develop effective study skills
  • Plan and execute long-term projects
  • Cope with a complicated schedule
  • Transition easily
  • Communicate their needs
  • Work cooperatively with others

Executive skills are the cognitive skills that are needed to accomplish goals


  • Time Management
  • Organization and problem-solving
  • Self-discipline
  • Motivation
  • Emotional regulation

What makes this intervention effective?


  • Student has a positive support person to use as a sounding board and provide detailed feedback.
  • Family and Consultant determine strengths and weaknesses to determine priority areas of need.
  • Student feels empowered to select strategies building “buy in” and independence.
  • Student learns self-advocacy skills to express what works best for them and why.